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tv   [untitled]    September 7, 2011 1:00pm-1:29pm EDT

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live to see how this new business. you're watching our team from moscow in the main news story this hour a jet carrying a triple champion russian ice hockey team has crashed in flames in the runway in the city of yaroslavl two hundred seventy kilometers northeast. at this stage it's thought their own need to survive was among the forty five people on board at the time. is near the crash site for the bring us the latest all night tonight and then again within the last hour what more do you know. while the number of bodies found has now reached thirty five nevertheless it's getting very dark here in not of course is hampering the search for the rest of those bodies the latest information we have is that specialists are coming from moscow with lights and special
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underwater equipment to help search for those remaining bonnie's pictures here you can see of this crash as it happened this afternoon here in in your travels flames we're hearing several different stories about how this could have happened one of them of course is human factor that's always the case in plane crashes like this another one is a possible technical failure we know that the plane had trouble gaining altitude and then hit some kind of antenna or some other kind of object different people in different witnesses are saying different. kind of different stories of how it happened one of the people we spoke to describe how it was very clear the plane was tilting to the right in the air and we heard some very loud crashes we spoke in fact to several witnesses and also some fans as of course this almost entire hockey team was wiped out in this terrible tragedy let's listen to what they had to say. to do it. we've heard it plain. takeoff so we told our granddaughter look there's
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going to be an airplane then i heard a bang and my daughter told me mom it's falling down to the site and then came the flames and the smoke and we wanted to run away but we didn't know where to run then move went to the river and saw the plane which has. come under us looking much as my home team who supported it will have this team who was shocked when we found out she went to all of the games and you all of them by name it's very difficult. just to bring you up to date on the numbers that are coming in and slowly being confirmed forty five people onboard like you said forty three of them confirmed dead two survivors we're getting conflicting reports about the forward alexandra de lima we heard earlier that he was said straight to the hospital had eighty percent of his body covered in burns was very different than we've heard rumors that it was possible that he had died and now he's stopped there's are saying that they cannot confirm that so it's still not clear how many survivors will really make it out of
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this terrible tragedy just a little bit of good news coming through the people fingers crossed that he will pull through here now as you say it is getting late investigators also as you say working through the night now that the plane or two thirds of anyway crashed into a river the mighty vulgar river you just describe for us i believe the river is there we saw the tail of the fuselage sticking out on fire how close to the airport was what is that area like trying to paint a picture of where this plane went down. of course yes it's not very far from the airport the airport itself is about a kilometer away i would say we couldn't get as close to it as we would have liked to the crash site is just behind us here again very difficult to get in there we did we were able to film some of the pictures and what i saw was i mean the it's a huge river part of the plane is thank god closer to the bank because really i has these. because the search was going on if you if you think about the time spent
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it's you know it happened around five o'clock that this happened and already thirty five bodies of the forty three that were were killed were found and that's that's some pretty impressive work when you think about it and it's difficult to search for bodies in water and like i said now it's getting dark and cold really thoughts with these investigators and emergency teams that will be working certainly throughout the night to find those right the rest those bodies the the officials that we've spoken to are very determined to get this done by at least morning. they have to do to try and retrieve the bodies when wrong and of course polls already turning to that this was an aging warble x. soviet plane none the less even though it was an old plane many of the experts we've all i'm saying all the old planes are still going to be. one of the theories about what could have gone so wrong here. that's the thing i've also been hearing
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from different experts and investigators that for teachers are pretty reliable plane there have been several incidents over the last decade or so but we do know that the prosecutor general has multiple flights of forty two since really figure out what went wrong all through the airport and charged up this charter flight also being investigated to know what exactly went wrong maybe some technical checks were not time overall though we're hearing a pretty reliable plane again human human factor always comes into question in plane crashes like this but. if you take take if you take into consideration the officials that we've had a chance to speak to it does seem like a. technical failure but of course we can't confirm it it's still very early in this investigation i mean again we have no way to know the woman saying she lives nearby and she's walking down the road. the time with the family she had
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a series of loud crashes looked up and saw a plane go into the ground zero the ripple effects one said he saw it basically all almost not take off or just as it took off he saw big flames as the nine story building also early details that it could have hit an antenna at the airfield you know any more about that. yes i heard the same thing one of the witnesses we spoke to that's exactly how he described it basically it looked early on through his eyes that something was wrong he said the plane was tilting to the right and it did hit he used the word antenna and then went on to fall into the river but again a lot of people saw this crash from different points we've spoken to a lot of witnesses everyone has a little bit of a different version of that of course complicates things here overall though this is a this is a small town it's very modern very european but this is this town is going to be the city i should say is in shock and really i think the rest of the country we saw some incredible pictures coming in from the father of course another match was was
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meant to be held as the cage all season opens here in in russia and that was canceled the pictures of these fans just devastated by this tragedy really amazing and of course i just just crushed by this tragedy the global policy forum of course taking place all bought of that is going to be council tomorrow we already know the president to meet the needs of egypt will be making his way to the crash site himself to pay respects thank you very much for bringing us up to date with what you know only so now there are a correspondent on the scene tonight for this unfolding disaster. let's bring in sports correspondent joe partridge awful day for russia you know what i how you look at it a whole squad wiped out. how's it how's it going to go down amongst the sporting world here in russia with complete devastation as as and he says a new t.v. for the russian russian sport is dominated very much by hockey and football. and
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the idea that one of the great powerhouses of russian ice hockey three time former champions always the team there in there about the new form which is now into its fourth season and was due to start today something a whole generation of players wiped out it's beyond shocking. it's not going to be felt by the sports communities also to be of. the whole team so many friends and relatives affected tonight and we will begin to even try and form a new team after this well i mean that exactly that i mean it is the wiping out of a generation i mean there is a there is a commentator alexander cause mike used a very famous commentator here in russia had suggested that perhaps other teams all contribute a player as a goodwill gesture so they could they could form a new team from the from the devastation that something good perhaps could come from this really is the associations whenever you have a club all whenever a tragedy happens very much reminds me of for instance manchester united the well i
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can england when they had communicated is now called nine hundred fifty eight i mean that that is something that is very much remembered even now this is already being described as russia's the worst sporting disaster absolutely i mean so much loss of life it is truly devastating north all very much as well with alexander the twenty six year old who we heard was pulled from the wreckage we it was an. initial reports that he may have passed away but that is not confirmed the latest we know is that he is still very much alive although he is in hospital receiving eighty percent thought very much with him some of the people through this edition of a c of course confirm that stephan live the goalkeeper for the country's national squad he is among the dead along the course with the coach as well absolutely i mean you're talking about just talking about brad mccrimmon he was fifty two year old canadian coach he was he was a stanley cup winner with a carbery flames absolutely devastating for all the countries involved they were as far as i'm awake. nine nationalities and it's not just any at the international
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community it's the great and the good in russian i saw that a feeling this too and we can hear from them now how big it is is hockey here in russia it's the biggest sport it is the biggest sport i mean effectively you have you have the russian premier league which is football but beyond that every the world is all about well we've got the riches of a police officer chair of the courage show board of directors this is what kate he had to say about these tragic events tonight a plane carrying the locomotive team krrish to right after the takeoff from your islam according to the latest information only one player and some aren't known teams don't think you can continue the mention after such news thank you for your understanding and supporting this decision now let's come or at the players who have passed away with a minute of silence. which is the other two thought on the chairman of the board of directors and of course more comment as well coming through tonight to the.
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president of the ice hockey federation here in russia he of course as one. we offer our condolences to the families and the club a must see it is a huge loss for russian ice hockey because there were a lot of good players and you're a slob so we'll do everything to find out the cause of the tragedy to support the families and help the sport on in go sagal so on of those who died in the disaster . well kate as i say whatever you look at it it's a dreadful turn of events here i know that hockey fans throughout russia are paying their respects paying their condolences and also. going to be gathering outside the kremlin in red square as well as spies who are there any further details on that but that's ok ok parties thanks ever so much for coming on this very. well but earlier i spoke to aviation expert mark weiss is a former american airlines pilot he told me he thinks the crash investigation will
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of course take time but its results should help prevent future tragedy. well go first thing they're going to start with you then again investigators and. technically speaking you bring the investigators who have expertise in all the various systems and aircraft components and engines. airworthiness. you bring them all together and you start with the records of the aircraft the maintenance records of the aircraft the history of the aircraft the history of the crew the weather at the time any problems that were encountered by aircraft taking off before them. it's a long process but these people who do this job and here we have the national transportation safety board who oftentimes are called in worldwide as experts in forensics of accidents. they're very well trained and they're very detailed
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and nothing really goes over what they will find every bit and piece to put this together because remember the end result of the investigation is not just. you know to give closure to everybody but to prevent something like this from happening again. it will take you with the latest developments in euros level throughout the night as we get them let's turn to some of the day's other news the other top called in berlin has thrown out a series of lawsuits that said germany's by rolling of bailouts trailing european economies were illegal the judges ruled out giving chancellor merkel a blank check though saying any future aid must now be pre-approved by parliament because i could have put germany's ability to react swiftly to a new crisis but it has set a precedent for other nations to tighten their belts as well opposition parties welcome the ruling but said merkel has made the crisis worse through delays and a lack of vision but with his thoughts on how this ruling will affect germany's
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support for struggling euro zone states let's talk economics professor dr christine reich he's from the front technical university. dr thanks for being on the program tonight good to see you in reality does this verdict in reality does this verdict really change anything i mean after all german politics of god lated why pro euro groups almost all of which agree with the spirit of bailouts. well if you ask me about the decision today and at first glance it may seem that it doesn't convey anything you. or what i particularly dislike is in a way respect. by all government but on the other hand if you look at the decision in more detail you can see that there are some surprises in it so for example what is required. for some money is taken from the rescue fund it has to be approved by the budget committee of the
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good of stock which is the lower house of the german parliament so this very effectively means that for example. euro bonds would not be possible because this would be something like a general agreement on using the money so i am quite convinced that most commenters today do not see all the implications of this decision today. or mrs merkel of course caver reaction as you'd expect she said if the euro collapses europe collapses those are stretching the truth a bit i mean europe did well enough before the euro came along well what's to stop it thriving after the euro's possible demise. well i think it is highly exaggerated that you always believe that if you immediately creations whenever the rescue fund is not immediately functional in fact if you look at this decision means that the german parliament is able to restrict access to the rescue funds
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on the other hand this is not effect but rather this is this is a good sign it is good news both for the markets and also for the euro because it means that the restrictions that were originally mentioned be in place are now much better so that there is actually some kind of leverage from the german side to enforce the funds are used in the right way how these bailouts being viewed internally and thinking about the internal politics of it all in. part significant it in the local election. weren't seen as a significant factor there were they i mean after all parties with even more pro euro views made strong gains didn't they so. i mean the german people are happy to pay up. well i mean talking about bailouts we always have the impression or in the public discussion. the impression this is
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a concern. for european countries but if you look at things as they stand this is just a follow up on the banking crisis which initiated in two thousand and eight. i think the whole bailout discussion it goes a little bit in the wrong direction because we're not really. countries thanks. of course we do use some let's say for food behavior by the governments but this is a more or less in direct effect thanks for your views on the program dr christian right professor of economics at the frankfurt technical university appreciate it thank you. it's been a day of disquiet in israel where police have started dismantling the tent cities built by protesters during the past two months the camps are part of a nationwide demonstrations over living costs and other social problems of money israelis that move came less than a day after tel of even ministration promise to protect the demonstrators and cooperate with them led to clashes between the camps inhabitants and police as well
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as call for tell of the mayor to resign meanwhile in the west bank jewish settlers vandalized the israeli defense force base damaging several vehicles it was a response to the i.d.f. earlier dismantling several illegal outposts jewish settlers leader galli diana says the authorities will act as they would in the palestinian instance and neither side will achieve anything. if. they call the. police and also call the police to use. in order to. act by doing or use exactly the same terminology. is perfectly israelis against the palestinian. we are all playing. a game. that's no. good only game in. the diplomatic world including the united states including the united
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nations including the european community and including russia is the two state solution but the state solution isn't. focusing on libya now rebels they say they've trapped colonel gadhafi in the ready to take him dead or alive former leader was tracked down after loyalist convoys left the neighboring country of niger air the rebels are believed to have located gadhafi with high tech equipment and intelligence they say they now control most of the country and for a helping hand from western nations but it's in stark contrast to how america and britain operated in libya in recent weeks all the and think and i think campaign now the cia and m i six religiously sending terror suspects to live for interrogation and torture according to documents that have now been unearthed in libya and they've sparked outrage as are to turn a bushel reports next the signs suggest that the violence isn't over yet and the real chaos yet. mohammed the song is one of africa's most
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experienced diplomats just back from the libyan capital he says need to pull being has turned it into a ghost town there is no police. there is no administration there is no there is no schools nor and order has been replaced by a motley crew of rebels some fear that the various groups who have emerged might soon stop fighting each other i thought you we're been stores have been raided every man with kalashnikovs if the tribes fight for their independence the country will answer and never ends in civil war but brutal urban guerrilla warfare lists argue that even rebel leaders don't know where their choices are from. rebel hands mom with julia was a launch to find islam as sleeper cells have joint is strictly fanciful a vast parallel structure of confidence has appeared we have no idea who is in charge of them. hopes of a reliable replacement for more megadeth they appear to be fading libya's rebels
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remain deeply divided while the chaos from a bombing appears to be spreading beyond the country's borders into turmoil there are a fears that religious extremists could be using libya as a base to further their aims in north africa and function is ignored but not the mission women got abortion rights twenty years before going in and belgium on the last regime divorced women good benefits revived arab who just movements are trying to reverse that. before the war leaders from barack obama to nicolas sarkozy and silvio berlusconi shook and even kissed with their feet. got rid carpet treatment in paris but the west also changed tack want experts to be a doesn't go for them as planned according to this man who's just returned from war torn tripoli the message from some locals there is that the conflict may have created a frankenstein's monster for europe they warned us that we don't know what we are
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creating in the media it will be a free haven off extremist groups which are just on the southern border of europe routes from failed somalia made big coast a no go. freud seemingly some diplomats libya is helping you perceive direction but what do you have that it is that indian will not be see if there will be pilots and they will go all bloat to control it it again to make it safe i don't think french economy can support that western intervention in libya has brought large numbers of new forces to the hall experts fear the worst itself may come to regret their religions daniel bushell or c. brussels will stay with his troubles the situation in syria was discussed in moscow the meeting between the russian and french foreign minister sergey lavrov and his counterpart stressed the need for a dialogue between the syrian government and opposition but the meeting also our differences in approach to france's seeking tough sanctions on the syrian
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government while russia wants a more peaceful solution both look forward to discussing possible measures in the un general assembly later this month russia's foreign minister stressed syria must not be a repeat of the libyan scenario. we're convinced that it's vital today to start talks and it is actually what the syrian leadership calls for it's extremely dangerous to prompt certain forces in syria to boycott those talks and neither russia nor france wants to see that happen every party in syria should stop using violence and we proposed a resolution to this effect we encourage the government to carry out the reforms it has launched and the opposition should not use provocations and project invitations into dialogue. or thought about serious problems with the rest of the world should or should not do about the culture would take a whole bag president of the future of freedom foundation very good even with all i'm going to thanks for being on r.t. international with the french foreign minister here of moscow's once again as we
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said the u.n. sanctions must be imposed on the syrian regime but you know what sanctions strike the regime all the people at the end of the day. sanctions always hurt that people i mean it's amazing that he's old colonial powers have now learned that they had sanctions against iraq for some of levon years that killed hundreds of thousands of iraqi children it did not accomplish the reason change they had wanted we've heads and embargo against cuba like sixty years now back in accomplish the regime change it only ends up hurting the people and not the regime itself it actually solidifies the power of the receipt so what should be done if you're saying sanctions are wrong what is the best way forward the best the best way forward is to butt out i mean that's what the u.s. needs to do that's what the brits need to do france and this is a problem in syria our legacy here in the united states that the founding
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principles of our country was then this government would not bog rot in search of what john quincy adams one of our founding fathers a monster is to destroy you know that's a problem for the syrian people is not a problem for the u.s. government are the u.s. government does when it intervenes in internal affairs in these other countries is make matters much worse not only for the people there but for especially here for us the american people but i guess the co-driver to that is when the opposition currently refusing any kind of dialogue with president the sad. dialogue has to be encouraged maybe with a externally volver no. well look the road is filled with dictators and tyrants it always has been you know that this is a this is a matter for the syrian people to decide how far do they want to go to oust this dictatorship if they want to go to a revolution which is a very costly enterprise
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a lot of people lose their lives this is a choice that people of that country need to make is not a decision that can be imposed on him through the u.s. government which really doesn't give a hoot for the lives of the syrian people let's not forget that this government the u.s. government actually had a partnership with the assad regime can torture people on behalf of the u.s. government i mean this is a government that whose support of dictatorships is sort of willy nilly it cut deals with the mubarak dictatorship to torture people it can't deal with that conduct the regime to torture people and cut deals with the syrian regime the best thing to do is for this government to stay out of it and let the syrian people decide what ultimately needs to be done with this dictator porthos. considering how france has been held with the nato raids in libya is now the head of calling for sanctions on syria i think we're going to see a repeat scenario of what we saw in libya. very possibly but you know these are they all come on your powers you know grit in britain or france i mean they're
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they're living in the old days that have been your empires back where they're controlling the middle east and controlling the events of the middle east and installing their little puppet regimes extracting the oil from these countries i mean this is just a throwback to the old era of in syria with their of course by the u.s. government the u.s. . it's their ass that people start thinking in a higher level and that is to dismantle these empires and. leave people free in those countries decide how to handle their disputes and oh by the way one of our other founding principles in this country was open immigration where we don't send our troops abroad we don't send our sanctions abroad to help you but if you want to escape your tyranny you want to escape your question you are free to come to the united states no questions asked you can settle and live here jason about a much better way to help take what you say we don't have
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a lot of time but i want good thoughts on this last one where is this going to go come to expect any breakthroughs in the syrian conflict after that u.n. general assembly later this month we're going to go it's going to go to something significantly worse they're going to keep playing this game with the sanctions the assad regime is not going to budge it's you know no regime going to budge to it with respect to sanctions so then you've got cried what is the government what is the u.s. to do at this point and you're just going to see a tightening and tell ultimately yes you may see a libya type situation i don't know if the u.s. is going to go that far but anything's possible with us ok jake of all burger found as president of the future of freedom foundation thank you very much. you are. well we will of course continue to update you on what is now labeled russian's worst ever sporting tragedy the awful events of unfolded today almost all of the locomotive jaroslav life sucking table being killed after their plane crashed after
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takeoff two hundred seventy kilometers north east of moscow that's our main news tonight i've got more details on that coming up shortly. the. question is that so much of a taxpayer is me.


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